15 Tips for Healthy Motherhood

  1. Go to your doctor as soon as you miss your periods.
  2. Confirm your pregnancy.
  3. Take your Folic acid tablets regularly. They are essential for healthy growth and to prevent
    congenital malformations in your baby.
  4. Eat a healthy nutritious diet containing plenty of vegetables, fruits, milk products and fish.
  5. If you have constipation, take plenty of fibre containing food like fruits, sprouts, greens,
    salads, nuts etc.
  6. Drink at least 6 glasses of water daily specially in summer.
  7. Avoid deep fried and processed foods as much as possible.
  8. Don’t take OTC medicines from the local pharmacist without consulting your doctor.
  9. Avoid Xrays and CT scans if possible.
  10. Eat multiple small meals rather than 2-3 big meals.
  11. Go for regular check ups even if you feel fine.
  12. Wear loose cotton dresses, specially in summer.
  13. Avoid picking up heavy loads.
  14. Do mild exercises like walking for 30 mins regularly ,unless your doctor asks you not to.
  15. Avoid strenuous / long distance journeys.

Happy Motherhood!

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