Uterine Fibroids

Fibroids are solid, fleshy tumours of the uterus. They arise from the myometrium ( muscle layer of the uterus). Fibroids are extremely common in women of the reproductive period i.e. between 20-40 years of age and frequently cause no symptoms when they are small.  As they grow bigger in size they may cause

     Increase in menstrual flow

     Irregular bleeding including spotting

     Pain during menses

     Urinary or bowel symptoms

     Difficulty conceiving

     Swelling of the abdomen

     Heaviness in the lower abdomen

As far as fertility is concerned, fibroids generally donot prevent one from conceiving unless there is a cornual fibroid blocking a tube. However they can be a cause of recurrent miscarriage, specially if the fibroid is just under the endometrium,  as then, it disturbs implantation of the fertilized ovum/embryo.

Treatment is mainly surgical. The fibroid alone can be removed ( myomectomy) either laparoscopically or by open surgery . Or the decision may be taken to remove the uterus ( hysterectomy) specially if the fibroid is very large, if there are multiple tumours and  if family is completed.

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